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We pick up in all areas of Teton County, WY. We offer a variety of frequency pickups- once a week up to 7 days a week. If you don't have too much trash we can pickup your trash on the first week and third week of each month or on an On Call basis. 

Residential & Commercial Waste Removal

We work with Jackson Curbside Recycling to pick up your recycling as well as your trash. 


Black, Brown, Blue, Gray, Green or Pink. We also have bear-proof cans! Choose the pink can and we will donate $1 of your monthly bill to help in the fight against breast cancer. 

Choose Your Can Color 

No Fuel Surcharges & No Contracts!  


We have 2 yard and 4 yard dumpsters available. At this time we cannot supply any dumpsters for construction materials. 

We appreciate all volunteer firefighters in our community and always offer a 10% discount off their monthly bill.